About Us

Vision Center for Strategic and Development Studies was created in 2008 - and has since carried numerous projects in Jordan and the region.

Visions Center for Strategic and Development Studies is a unique non-profit organization striving to help achieve the objectives of economic, social, and political development which would improve the living standards for citizens of the Arab world. One of its missions is to build and share knowledge capital in planning & development so as to empower Arab communities to excel. It focuses on conducting local and regional development projects through established methodologies and principles in both the theoretical and practical dimensions of scientific research. Although our organisation and the majority of our work is locally based in Amman, Jordan we also have experience on a regional and international level i.e. Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, Oman, and Emirates. We provide consultation and trainings in various fields (which shall be identified below). Additionally, we conduct public opinion polls which adhere to international standards and delivery methods, and are credible and transparent.

Visions Center is about adapting global thinking to local conditions and then sharing our knowledge to empower communities to excel. Visions Center has attracted some of the best qualified Jordanian talent back to the region. We have a high retaining rate of staff and where staff recruitment extends beyond experience and education. Our staff must have a passion for community, economic, social and political development and adhere to our values. Our employees are professional that want to make a difference and to contribute to the development of Jordan and the region.

Our recent projects tackled areas of institutional capacity building, decentralization and local development, good governance, urban planning, commercial laws, public financial management, elections, civic participation, transparency and corruption, human trafficking, youth and women empowerment, development of women organisations, civic education, sustainable tourism, environmental conservation, and investment mapping.

Visions Center has Staff and Board Members with vast experience, expertise and knowledge in various areas: Economy & Finance, Media & Public Relation, Political Science, Governance & Transparency, Communication, Regional & Urban Planning, Business Administration, Bio-Technology Management, Statistics, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Research Methodology, Behavioural Dynamics, Psychology, Anthropology, International Law, Medical Services, Information Technology, Sociology, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Civil & Mechanical Engineering, International Security.

We have worked with clients and partners in many countries around the globe to build both communities and buildings that are not only functional and thoughtfully designed, but also environmentally responsible, socially inclusive and affordable in their realisation. With our organisation’s compiled years of experience and expertise in particular areas, our international experience, and our involvement with the local communities as well as local, national, and international governmental entities and organisations, Visions Center is equipped with practical and theoretical knowledge and application to provide consultation in the pertinent disciplines in Jordan and in the Gulf.

Vision Center Principles:

  • Developing an intimate familiarity with the history and geography of the places in which we are working.
  • Understanding the diversity, needs and aspirations of our target population.
  • Working at multiple scales at once, including region, community, district block and lot, to thoroughly understand the implications of specific proposals.
  • Drawing on a broad range of precedents and best practices from across Canada and around the world.
  • Facilitating a meaningful exchange of ideas between our clients, the people affected by our projects, and other stakeholders.
  • Working closely with key stakeholders throughout the planning process.
  • Achieving a “triple bottom line” by combining social responsibility with political progress and economic development.
  • Identifying pragmatic and sustainable solutions that address short-, medium-, and long-term needs.
  • Recognizing that institutional and social development creates economic opportunity
  • Human Resources Development, hiring services and recruiting.

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