Local Development & Sustainability Plans

Our work on decentralization and local development, where we have conducted workshops and trainings to government ministries/entities local government/communities and civic organisations, has led to dialogues between the public-private-community sectors. It has also developed collaborative efforts towards democratic reform and local development between local communities, civic organisations, local municipalities and the Jordanian government/ministries. As such, Visions Center works with the municipalities to create and design budgets specifically for local municipalities, and connect financial budgets with local master plan. This collaborative work sought to emphasise the economic, social, and political benefits to developing of the local areas. As such we seek the inputs of local communities, as well as government and private sectors, in order to maximize on sustainable planning for their areas. These partnerships also seek to address pertinent issues which hamper the development of many local communities such as corruption, unemployment, poverty, and political disenfranchisement. It also led to the collaborative development of infrastructures, facilities, and habitation which were environmentally, economically and socially integrative and accepted.