Private Sector Development

In 2010, Visions Center conducted capacity building, organisational restructuring, and investment mapping for the Zarqa Chamber of Industry. The aim of the mapping was to provide the Chamber with feasible, sustainable ideas to promote build organisational capacity and to encourage investment in Zarqa. As such, the mapping project provided ideas on how to develop Zarqa’s industry sector by helping new and existing SMEs. Different venues specifically for Zarqa’s industrial sector were entertained to increase and expand investment in Zarqa such as the development and design of business and investment incubators, export house, international partnership, assessment of available unexploited local minerals profitable for export, provide different business plan opportunities, design business models for business centers, propose local and regional exhibit opportunities, and develop the export sector to reach international level. The investment mapping sought to provide different ventures and projects which will develop Zarqa industries and businesses to a standard where they can compete in the international market.