Recent Activities & Partnership Projects

Below you will find a complete list of all major projects carried out by Vision Center since it's creation in 2008.

2017-2018: Vision Center conducted and composed a research project for the ILO and JCI with the goal of finding Good Practices on: “Attracting and Retaining Jordanians and Syrians in the Manufacturing Sector in Jordan.”

2017: Together with the JCI, Vision Center carried out a project with the goal of creating a marketing strategy for the National Packaging and Labeling Center in Jordan.

2016-2017: Vision Center carried out an elaborate evaluation of government restructuring policies of public sector in Jordan together with the Economic Social Council.

2016: Together with the Economic Social Council, Vision Center carried out a project focused on the role of the private sector in improving informal sector of education.

2015: Vision Center carried out a training program on entrepreneurship for Syrian refugees together with MICA Qatar.

2014: In collaboration with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), Vision Center carried out 4 workshops on corruption in the public and private sector in Jordan.

Workshop 1: “Concept of Corruption” 19 -20 February 2014, Workshop 2-3: “Corruption in the Public Sector” 5- 6 March and 23-24 March 2014, and Workshop 4: “Corruption in private sector” 2014.

2012-2013: Vision Center carried out 4 workshops with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) on civic participation and combatting corruption.
Workshop 1-2: “How To Run Effective Election Campaign” 28 Dec 2012 and 14 Jan 2013, Workshop 3: “Enhancing Citizenship in Combating Corruption in the Arab World” 12-13 Feb 2013, and Workshop 4: “Legislation Reform and Role of NGO and Political Parties in Combating Corruption” 15 -16 June 2013

2013: Vision Center, in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Jordan, carried out seminar on combatting corruption. 

2012: Vision Center carried out a project on the investment mapping for Zarqa with the private sector, Jordan Chamber of Commerce, and Jordan Chamber of Industry.

2012: Visions Center provided capacity building for Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for building public relation seminars, arbitration and negotiation skills.

2012: Visions Center held a conference on Governance and Transparency in Amman, with our partners from the West Bank and Germany.  The conference addressed corruption in the political and social sphere.  Participants included representatives from the Higher Education, Judicial, governmental, private, and NGO sectors. 

2012: Visions Center provided capacity building training for the Ministry of Parliamentary affairs and Political Development for their liaison officers, staff on their institutional roles and responsibilities, communication skills with other departments, and understanding the role of good-governance, transparency and accountability in building a competent and efficient institution. Visions Center simultaneously developed manuals for the ministry on how to build effective relations and communication between the legislative and the executive branch.

2011-2012: Visions Center worked with Oman’s Ministry of Media to provide a national strategy for Media public awareness campaign

2010-2012: Visions Center along with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) designed and implemented special capacity building programs for the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Political Development on empowering and developing skills for the Legislative and Executive branch in terms of advocacy and lobbying for legislative and political reform within the government.

Civic Participation and Local Development: Building Effective Communities in Jordan: 7-8. Apr. and 26-27. May, 2010. Empowering Local Governments in Jordan: October 26th, 2011. 

Strengthening the Principles of Good Governance through institutional capacity building for the charity organizations: February 25th and March 31, 2012. 

Administrative Reform and Local Development in Jordan: May 8-9 2012.

2011: Visions Center provided training for the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait army, on methods to engage the media, war-airfares and effective management, leadership skills, and communication skills.

2010 – 2012: Visions Center provided trainings for municipality employees on budget management, strategic planning for local development in governorate, self-finance projects, and SME management. Trainings were provided in Salt, Ajloun, Madaba, Jerash, Zarqa, Karak.

Visions Center, in cooperation with the Arab Federation, has conducted trainings for engineers in Cyprus and Turkey since 2010 to present. The target groups are oil and petroleum companies. Each training course is one month in duration and provides trainings in: management system for projects by use of software, quality management, and evaluation.

2010-2011: Visions Center provided consultancy to Birzeit University Institute of Law on commercial laws for the Palestinian Authority.

2009: Visions Center conducted a public opinion survey in 2009 on Jordan’s parliamentary election.  It aimed to measure attitude towards the parliamentary election, voting and political participation. This public opinion survey was conducted for the Ministry of Interior.

2009: Visions Center carried out a survey to measure decentralization indicators in different local communities throughout Jordan. This was in preparation for our multi-partnership project on decentralization. It measured concept reception, fiscal management, public policy and public administration implementation, planning development. 

2009: Visions Center provided trainings on capacity building in Iraq for provincial councils in Karkuk, Diyala, and Mosul.