Statistical Analysis & Surveys:

Visions Center has conducted several projects in statistical analysis and surveys which involved local and international partners. One of our projects in Jordan was in partnership with The Research Institute London (RI) specialising in social dynamic behaviour, where we conducted semi-structured in depth interviews with children and youth to measure perception value, media influence, cultural norms, and social dynamic behaviour towards other people, cultures etc. This was part of an international collaborative effort to analyse and provide a comprehensive report on children’s and youth’s perception and behaviour vis-à-vis the ‘other’ for the development of educational curriculum materials in countries throughout the globe.

Visions Center also conducted a public opinion survey in 2009 on Jordan’s parliamentary election. It aimed to measure attitude towards the parliamentary election, voting and political participation. This public opinion survey was conducted for the Ministry of Interior.

In 2009, Visions Center carried out a survey to measure decentralization indicators in different local communities throughout Jordan. This was in preparation for our multi-partnership project on decentralization (where the project commenced in 2010 and still ongoing). It measured concept reception, financial management, public policy and public administration implementation, planning development.