Center Activities

 Our Center seeks to achieve the following main objectives:

1. Utilizing local and Arab scientific and technical expertise to the benefit of national and Arab development plans.

2. Providing scientific advice, studies, designs and specifications in various production sectors, and solving technical problems encountered by stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

3. Contributing to the improvement of competency of workers at various professional levels in all disciplines of applied and humanitarian sciences.

4. Conducting necessary technical studies to the benefit of institutions, local communities and individuals to help find solutions for certain problems whenever necessary.

5. Holding training courses and workshops for concerned individuals in the ministry, government departments, institutions and private corporations.

6. Fulfilling the needs of local and foreign institutions with data and information for research purposes.

7. Identifying attitudes and views of opinion leaders and civil society organizations, locally and internationally, with respect to various economic and political issues.

8. Conducting field surveys and public opinion polls at local and regional levels.

9. Assessing attitudes of samples of citizens representing various groups of Jordanian society towards economic, social, environmental and political issues.

About Us

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