The Visions Center has worked dilligently to enhance the power of women and youth in the work force. A recent project we have worked on aimed to alleviate poverty and promote social and economic development in Al Aghwar, particularly Deir Alla and Shouna. This project's goals were to:

  • Promote non-formal training and education through involving Jordanian youth in voluntary work and providing them with opportunities to acquire a wide range of skills and competencies.
  • Forge long-lasting interdependent community partnerships.
  • Support innovative ideas from emerging young leaders in these communities in addition to promoting creativity in youth.
  • Raise awareness on the implications of unemployment, unhealthy values that are pending social development.
  • Link youth to work opportunities through creating a job fair, creating job opportunities to fight unemployment through supporting vocational education and training, and preparing the community for investment potentials. 

We have recently sent out a proposal to receive aid from the British Embassy that would help us carry out a project based on social media that would help promote the women and youth in Jordan. This program works in the fields of networking, training and education, and meeting with people who overcame similar obstacles to those that the women and youth face in Jordan today. 

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