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Welcome to Visions Center for Strategic and Development Studies, the non-profit organization striving to help achieve the objectives of economic and social development which would to improvement living standards for citizens of the Arab world.

By browsing our web site, we hope you will find what pleases you and meets your needs of our wide range of expertise and high level of efficiency in providing the technical services you need including consultations, studies and training courses in various economic, social, political, cultural, administrative and media disciplines in accordance with international standards and with utmost credibility and transparency.

We are pleased to present you with a brief overview and background of the vision, mission and objectives of this specialized scientific center, by presenting its key departments, duties, Board of Directors, aspirations and outstanding achievements which helped achieve visions, objectives and plans of a number of ministries and public and private organizations; documented in written, photographic and video formats. We are working on several local and regional projects which will play a key role in development nationally and in the Arab world.

 Through scientific collaboration and specialized objective professionalism, Visions Center strives to build bridges of cooperation and positive interaction with development issues and challenges of local and Arab environments. The Center also provides high quality professional consultancy and training services towards the following objectives:
  1. Supporting and encouraging scientific innovation in development studies in particular and political sciences in general, in addition to expanding research relating to current and future strategic planning studies on development issues in local and Arab populations and utilizing the concepts and techniques of good public administration to improve institutional, organizational and behavioral services.
  2. Participating in the development of theoretical approaches dealing with the Arab social entity in line with its civilizational components and characteristics; using methodological proportion tools which provide practical solutions for current Arab problems and issues of all types in the Arab reality in general and local communities in particular.
  3. Working with local, regional and international academic scientific institutions on developing and acquiring common expertise and cooperating with specialized official institutions and civil society organizations.
  4. Publishing specialized scientific studies focusing on political development, international relations, local development, local governance and sustainable development issues, as well as capacity building for local administrations of all forms, which helps promote the concepts of good governance, improve performance and achievement standards in local communities and administrations, in addition to working on improving development sectors and areas independently.
 The underlying principles of Visions Center are governed by the following criteria:
  1. Compliance with the rules and standards of scientific and analytical methodology when dealing with ideas and issues conducting studies.
  2. Compliance with the rules of scientific specialization in all scientific treatment steps and aspects when addressing issues.
  3. Emphasizing transparency, credibility and objectivity with respect to sources of information and data in all researches, studies and other endeavors.
  4. Utilizing outstanding academic and scientific expertise and joint work with local, Arab and international scientific research institutions, universities and study centers in order to achieve the best possible scientific results in areas covered by ongoing and future researches and studies undertaken by the Center.
  5. Striving to provide analytical frameworks for local and Arab development challenges in line with knowledge integrity standards to the benefit of populations in terms of development planning in local and Arab communities, and to maintain elements of heritage and knowledge development in public and private decision making structures.

About Us

Welcome to Visions Center for Strategic and Development Studies, the non-profit organization striving to help achieve the objectives of economic and social development which read more

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