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Since its inception, the Visions Center has established local, regional, and international partnerships working on various issues such as decentralization, local development, open-media, capacity building and transparency and accountability. With the help of external aid from a variety of countries, we have been able to substantially modernize Jordan. This can be seen in the following examples of the Visions Center’s consultation:

  • From 2010-2011, Visions Center provided consultancy to Birzeit University Institute of Law on commercial laws for the Palestinian Authority.
  • The Visions Center is currently working with Oman’s Ministry of Media to provide a national strategy for Media public awareness campaign. A training workshop was held in October 2011, February 2012, and April 2012 in Muscat, Oman Ministry and subsidiary departments. In March 2012, the Visions Center provided training and consultancy for Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Amman, Jordan. We trained diplomats on media skills that dealt with international and local media communities.
  • In 2011, the Visions Center provided capacity building and consultancy to the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait armies on methods to engage the media, war-airfares and effective management, and leadership and communication skills. In 2011-2012, the Visions Center provided the Oman Ministry of Media with consultancy on national strategy for public awareness campaigns through different types of media and communication tools.
  • In February 2013, the Visions Center organized a regional conference entitled “Enhancing Citizenship in Combating Corruption in the Arab World.” The 2-day regional conference provided a platform for professionals, activists, politicians, civil servants, and members of civil society to engage in meaningful discussions on corruption. The 4 main sessions and 3 parallel sessions were based on the different themes of regional experiences in combating corruption and the roles of various societal actors. These included financial and administrative regulatory bodies, civil society, judiciary, political parties, legislature, and the media in addressing corruption.
  • In June 2013, as part of a continuous effort towards reform and combating corruption, the visions center held a training workshop entitled “Legislation Reform and the Role of NGOs and Political Parties in Combating Corruption.” This workshop created a discussion between NGOs, activists and legislators with both European and local experts in combating corruption. The workshop helped to bridge the gap and exchange the experiences and legislations between the European and Jordanian legal experts on the best methods to combat corruption.  

The Visions Center provides capacity building consultancy in the public sector as well as to the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Parliamentary and Political Development, and local municipalities in Jordan. This consultancy specifically deals with institutional restructuring, public financial management approaches, local development issues, and master planning. In addition to our consultancy work, Visions Center has expertise and experience in the following disciplines:

LOCAL DEVELOPMENT/SUSTAINABILITY DEVELOPMENT PLANS: The Visions Center’s work on decentralization and local development has led to dialogues between the public-private-community sectors. This has been achieved through workshops and local dialogue with CSOs and local municipalities. It has also helped create collaborative efforts towards democratic reform, local development between local communities, civic organizations, local municipalities and the Jordanian government and its ministries. As such, Visions Center works with the municipalities to create and design budgets specifically for their needs and connects financial budgets with their master plans. This collaborative work has sought to emphasize the economic, social, and political benefits to developing of the local areas. We seek the inputs of local communities, as well as government and private sectors, in order to maximize on sustainable planning for their areas. These partnerships seek to address pertinent issues which hamper the development of many local communities such as corruption, unemployment, poverty, and political disenfranchisement.  It has also led to the collaborative development of infrastructures, facilities, and habitation which are environmentally, economically and socially integrative and accepted.

CAPACITY BUILDING FOR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTORS The Visions Center has conducted workshops in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Ministry of Social Development to build institutional capacities of charity organizations. These workshops have been administered in terms of developing a solid organizational structure, promoting values of good governance, and institutionalizing the concept of transparency and accountability. Through these workshops an open dialogue developed between the different entities facilitated in identifying new initiatives. These initiatives were taken towards institutional reform within the participating charity organizations and the Ministry of Social Development. It also encouraged active participation from the local communities and entities to initiate change and to hold the government transparent and accountable. The Visions Center also provided training (2010-present) for the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in capacity building for local development, decentralization, and restructuring pertinent departments within the ministry. These departments included elections/policy and development, human resource management, local development. The Visions Center has also provided capacity building for restructuring the Ministry of Interior’s local development.

In 2011-2012 Visions Center, along with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, designed and implemented special capacity building programs for the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Political Development. These programs dealt with developing skills for the Legislative and Executive branch in terms of advocacy and lobbying for legislative and political reform within the government. Additionally, the Visions Center provided capacity building training for the Ministry of Parliamentary affairs and Political Development. The Visions Center advised their liaison officers and staff on their institutional roles and responsibilities in addition to their communication skills. The Visions Center emphasized the role of good-governance, transparency and accountability in building a competent and efficient institution. Furthermore, the Visions Center developed manuals for the ministry on how to build effective relations and dialogue between the legislative and executive branches.

In September 2012, Visions Center held a conference on Governance and Transparency in Amman, Jordan with our partners from the West Bank and Germany.  The conference addressed corruption in both the political and social spheres.  Participants of this conference ranged from the Higher Education, Judicial, governmental, private, and NGO sectors. In 2012, Visions Center provided consultation on capacity building for Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for building public relation seminars, arbitration and negotiation skills. In 2012-2013, Visions Center, in partnership with the NED, organized workshops that outline the need for having an effective political party system in Jordan. Without political parties, political modernization appears to be impossible. The main objectives of these workshops were to increase the level of civic participation among civil society and local communities, and to enhance the rule of law and democratic values in the practices of political parties. The political parties were provided with recommendations to improve their organizational structure and methods with respect to addressing issues in their communities. The following list includes events we headed from December 2012 through June 2013:  How To Run Effective Election Campaign 28 Dec 2012 How To Run Effective Election Campaign 14 Jan 2013 Enhancing Citizenship In Combating Corruption In The Arab World 12-13 Feb 2013 Legislation Reform And Role Of NGO And Political Parties In Combating Corruption 15 - 16 June 2013

STATISTICAL ANALYSIS AND SURVEYS: Visions Center has conducted several projects in statistical analysis and surveys which included local and international partners. Our project with the Research Institute of London (RI) specialized in social dynamic behavior. Children and youth were interviewed accordingly in order to measure perception value, media influence, cultural norms, and social dynamic behavior towards other people and cultures. The result of this collaborative effort was a comprehensive report on children and youth’s perception and behavior in relation to the development of educational curriculum materials in countries throughout the globe. Visions Center conducted a public opinion survey in 2009 on Jordanian’s attitudes towards their parliamentary election. This public opinion survey was conducted for the Ministry of Interior, and it revealed what the people liked and disliked about the way elections are carried out.

In 2009, Visions Center carried out a survey to measure decentralization indicators in different local communities throughout Jordan. This was in preparation for our multi-partnership project on decentralization where the project commenced in 2010 and still ongoing. It measured concept reception, financial management, public policy and public administration implementation, planning development.

PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS: The issue of Decentralization has been a substantial issue in Jordanian politics as of recently. The Visions Center has played a pertinent role in tackling this issue head on. Since 2010, the Visions Center continues to carry out projects on the issues of decentralization and local development. We conduct between 4- 5 conferences annually throughout different governates and municipalities in Jordan with an average attendance of 250. This has been achieved in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Municipal Affairs. These projects also involve working with local municipalities, NGOs, civil societies, grassroot organizations, businesses, and education sectors. They are followed up at each of the designated areas and address pertinent issues for each municipality. For example, unemployment, poverty, corruption, political passivity, access to resources and health services have all been dealt with by the Visions Center. With much thanks to the Konrad Adenauer Siftung, our company was able to publish a book based on decentralization to collaborate all of our work.  

PRIVATE SECTOR DEVELOPMENT: In 2010, the Visions Center conducted capacity building, organizational restructuring, and investment mapping for the Zarqa Chamber of Industry. The aim of this mapping was to provide the Chamber with feasible, sustainable ideas to promote organizational capacity building and to encourage investment in Zarqa.  As such, the mapping project provided ideas on how to develop Zarqa’s industry sector by helping new and existing SMEs. Different venues, specifically for Zarqa’s industrial sector, were entertained to increase and expand investment in Zarqa. Incorporated in these were development and design of business and investment incubators, export houses, international partnerships, assessment of available unexploited local minerals profitable for export, provide different business plan opportunities, design business models for business centers, propose local and regional exhibit opportunities, and develop the export sector to reach international level. The investment mapping sought to provide different ventures and projects which will hopefully develop Zarqa’s industries and businesses to a standard where they can compete in the international market.  

MANAGEMENT TRAINING: In 2009, the Visions Center provided workshops on capacity building in Iraq for provincial councils in Karkuk, Diyala, and Mosul. The workshops strived to help the councils to properly perform their functions. They addressed such issues as, inter alia, development of organizational structure, budgeting, management, funding, and personnel training. Since 2010, the Visions Center, in cooperation with the Arab Federation, has conducted training for engineers in Cyprus and Turkey that specifically target oil and petroleum companies. Each training course is one month in duration and provides trainings in the following areas: management system for projects by use of software, quality management, and evaluation. Additionally, the Visions Center provided training for municipality employees on budget management, strategic planning for local development in governorate, self-finance projects, and SME management. These trainings were provided in Salt, Ajloun, Madaba, Jerash, Zarqa, Karak.

In September 2011, the Visions Center provided media training for the United Arab Emirates and Kuwaiti armies. This training helped conduct military personnel on how to use the necessary skills to approach, address, and utilize the media network. Moreover, it trained personnel on such issues as speaking and presentation techniques, public image skills, concentration tactics, and how to adhere to messages. The following is our list of donors which generously contributed to the Visions Center over the years:


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Economic & Development Policy/Planning


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung


Legal & Judicial Development


Arab Federation of Consulting & Training


Government Administration


Ministry of social development


Strengthening Civil Society


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Research Institute




Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Feb 2013

Social Dynamics Behaviors


London Research Institute


Human Rights


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Balqaa University


Free Flow of Information


Audio-Visual Commission, Arab Center for Tele-Media Production


Women’s Equality organizations & Institutions


Jordan Environment Society




National Endowment for Democracy

Aug 2013

Transparency and Anti-corruption Policies


Netherland Embassy

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Management Capacity Building


Arab Innovation Company


Combating Corruption


Swiss Embassy

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