Our Strategy

The Strategy of The Visions Center is the fundamental aspect of our company. The Vision Center takes much pride in the fact that its assistance in development ranges from many different aspects. Whether its combatting corruption, providing micro-finance loans to those who need them most, or encouraging civic responsibility; the Visions Center works diligently to contribute to the progress of Jordan and the Middle East. The following list provides a summary of the projects we have worked on our proposed: 

1.) Providing conflict resolution training and establishing community peace building centers.

2.) Training print and broadcast journalists for independent investigation reporting.

3.) Training citizen advocacy groups in how to lobby effectively.

4.) Training members of local municipal councils and governorate and regional parliamentary bodies in how to carry out their roles in a democratic way.

5.) Providing civil education seminars and discussions on legislative action and consultation self-sustaining work.

6.) Preparing syndicate (union) members for more effective, politically independent and self-sustaining work.

7.) Conducting training of trainer workshops for community leaders, local NGO members and teachers on such topics as elections, constitutions, gender equality, human rights, federal systems, and women's political participation.

8.) Encouraging voluntarism and sense of civic responsibility by running environmental education programs for children and helping local NGOs work with volunteer staff.

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