Our methodology

The way we work defines who we are at The Visions Center. In order to achieve the best results, we carry out our work in the most efficient manners possible. The following points best describe our methodology:

1. Implementing a scientific action plan to prepare, conduct and publish studies adopted by the Center and striving to issue periodical and non-periodical scientific publications.

2. Conducting a series of scientific seminars, conferences and specialized training courses on various areas of intellectual, political, social and developmental research.

3. Scientific communication with local, regional and international scientific institutions, universities and specialized research centers. Also, striving to develop joint scientific cooperation mechanisms with said institutions to the benefit of these objectives and issues adopted by Center.

4. Providing scientific consultancy and academic expertise to official and non-official institutions in accordance with outstanding professional standards.

5. Working on the development of new administration methods in the areas of public policy making, local governance, local development, crisis management, decision making mechanisms, in addition to improving institutional, organizational and functional performance standards in areas of local governance policies.

6. Enhancing dialogue mechanisms to resolve conflicts and disputes, and promoting civic and community participation and voluntary work in local and Arab communities.

7. Assessing public opinion trends towards local and regional issues in respect to their political, developmental, social and cultural dimensions to help develop good policy at official and non-official levels.

8. Measuring change in public opinion trends in issues relating to stability and balance in public policy making. Also, following up on efficiency, achievement and quality standards for performance levels in the public and private sectors by conducting field studies, researches and surveys in accordance with accurate and comprehensive scientific standards.

9. Detecting and assessing local and regional intellectual trends, and monitoring indicators of local and community participation. Also, observing citizens' satisfaction with the role of social economic, political, media and cultural institutions and their ability to meet basic requirements and needs of communities with respect to development, renewal, improvement and overcoming problems and obstacles.

10. Providing services of audiovisual and written media to enhance professionalism, specialization and performance standards of governmental and private Media institutions. To identify major challenges and problems encountered by Arab, local and regional media and their relation with public opinion; which would enhance the credibility of information and their sources within local and Arab Media frameworks.

11. Participating in raising awareness by managing election campaigns and negotiations and developing leadership abilities of decision makers in terms of working and making public policies to help build local capacities that are capable to deal with community challenges.

12. Contributing to intellectual, social, educational, administrative and cultural lives at all possible levels, considering that Visions center is part of the knowledge system of local and Arab environments.

13. Building administrative capacities of official and private institutions' staff, providing scientific advice on local and community development issues and providing specialized studies on health, environment, education and business.

14. Promoting youth contribution to community participation and field work I order for them to play a basic role in sustainable community development processes.

15. Promoting women's participation in all scientific and professional areas of life to help develop and build their capacities and enhance their opportunities in said areas.

16. Participating in preserving Jordanian environment and national heritage to reinforce positive aspects of Jordanian identity and society.

17. Raising awareness of the principles of civil rights, public freedoms, political participation and citizenship rights, and the role of law in preserving components of political community.

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